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Flying F-15E Strike Eagle

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Meet the F-15E Strike Eagle

An informative look at
America’s most technologically
advanced fighter aircraft

Aircraft Instruments

A review of basic aircraft instruments
used in general and military aviation

Altitude and Oxygen

Background information on hypoxia
The effects of a lack of oxygen on the
human body



Terminal Alert/Collision Avoidance System (TCAS)

The history and development of
TCAS - making the skies a safer place

Classes of Airspace in the United States

A summary of the six classes of airspace
used in the skies over the United States

Strike Eagle pilot/WSO

Air Traffic Controller



In 2007, the 90th Fighter Squadron, hosts of this page, began replacement of the F-15E Strike Eagle with the F-22 Raptor to enhance its mission.  The 90th Fighter Squadron flew the F-15 Strike Eagle from 1994-2007.

On 30 July 2010 Elmendorf AFB was re-designated Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson


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