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Aircraft Propulsion - Level 3

In this section we cover materials related to propulsion, the means of moving the aircraft forward through the air.  We include materials on the types of engines that have been and are being used, how thrust is calculated for jet engines and for propeller-driven engines.  We will cover with more detail how gas turbines work and the design requirements of the different parts of the gas turbine.


Blue_Arrow82A0.gif (140 bytes) Aircraft Engines

blueball.gif (326 bytes) F100-PW-220/F100-PW-220E TUBOFAN ENGINE
blueball.gif (326 bytes) F100-PW-229 TURBOFAN ENGINE
blueball.gif (326 bytes) F119-PW- 100 TURBOFAN ENGINE
blueball.gif (326 bytes) F117-PW-100 TURBOFAN ENGINE

Blue_Arrow82A0.gif (140 bytes) Aircraft Engine Thrust Calculations

Blue_Arrow82A0.gif (140 bytes) Gas Turbine Operation and Design Requirements
blueball.gif (326 bytes) Introduction to Gas Turbines
        blueball.gif (326 bytes) Gas Turbine Usage
        blueball.gif (326 bytes) Gas Turbine Cycles
        blueball.gif (326 bytes) Gas Turbine Components

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