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Airport Job Matching Exercise - Level 1

Match the responsibilities for certain jobs, in the second column, with the correct occupation in the first column. Do this by choosing the correct letter (A, B, C .... ) next to the number, in the first column.

Occupation: Responsibilities:
1. Pilot
2. Custodial services
3. Coffee shop cashier
4. Meteorologist
5. Security guard
6. Gift shop clerk
7. Line person
8. Ticket agent
9. Navigator
10. Flight attendant
11. Public address announcer
12. Air traffic controller
13. Flight insurance salespeople
14. Airport manager
15. Luggage unloader
16. Airport maintenance
17. Restroom attendant
18. Mechanic
  1. Is responsible for collecting the money for the item that is purchased at the coffee shop
  2. Sells flight tickets and checks reservations
  3. Keeps the building clean
  4. Keeps the restrooms clean
  5. Flies the airplane
  6. Serves the passenger meals and needs
  7. Charts the flight and keeps the plane on course
  8. Sells the gifts that the shop has to sell
  9. Gives weather report
  10. Directs the traffic control (takeoff and landing)
  11. Announces the arrival and departure of different flights and pages people in the airport
  12. Checks people for items that may be dangerous
  13. Sells accident insurance for flights and other forms of transportation
  14. Fills plane with fuel
  15. Repairs the airplane so that it works properly
  16. Takes luggage and baggage on and off planes
  17. Keeps runways in good condition, removes snow, repairs buildings, mows grass, and keeps airport in proper condition
  18. Is responsible for the overall operation of the airport

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