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History of Aeronautics - Level 1

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Come fly with us and learn the history of flight.

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The modern world of flight is the culmination of the efforts of many individuals over many decades of time. Flying has been a source of fascination to man since the time of the early Greeks. To the Ancient Greeks, flight was attributed to the Gods. Repeatedly, winged objects of worship are found in paintings and architecture as proof of the belief that flight was the result of supernatural powers. Large and powerful birds such as the eagle and falcon were kept as pets by ancient kings to symbolize their power over their subjects. Not until the hot air balloon did man successfully break the bounds of earth. From this time forward, the gradual evolution of flying machines and scientific advancements have resulted in modern aircraft serving nearly every phase of human existence.


At the conclusion of this level you should be able to:

1. Show man's imagination, invention and technology in the evolution of flight.

2. Construct a time line on the evolution of flight.

3. Recognize the outstanding people in aviation and describe their contributions to the evolution of flying.


Chapters in this module:

Early Flight
The Beginning Years
Outstanding Men & Women
Knowledge Review

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